Lose Your Fat Waist Fast with These Waist Exercises

Usually the only 2 waist exercises that most people perform are the standard crunch and the sit up. Even though people have been using these exercises for years, they are not the ones to get you that 6 pack in the quickest time.

You can get a really effective workout with an exercise ball. You will need to focus on your balance at the start as it takes getting used to. Sit on the ball with your hands placed to the sides behind you. You then lean back a little and lift your legs up. Balancing on the ball properly may take a while. What happens here other areas of the stomach area come into play to help you stabilise your balance.

Performing this exercise on the floor would not bring the stabiliser muscles into play. Begin to move the legs as if you pedalling a bicycle. After a bit of practice you will be able to do this without your hands resting on the ball, this is a great exercise for your waist.

The next exercise will be like a normal crunch but also done with the use of an exercise ball. This exercise will involve being seated on the ball and your hands placed on the chest or behind the ears. Instead of lifting your body to the legs, you will lift the legs towards the body. Bring your knees towards your chest as you lean back. Again stabiliser muscles will be used to try and keep you balanced. You will feel your ab muscles being targeted, and even more so if you do this exercise slowly.

Try to focus on the fact that the more variety you have in your ab workouts, the more the different areas of your stomach will be targeted. In the end this will result in you having a stomach that everybody else is going to envy. These are lots of other types of great waist exercises which can offer you fast results in getting that 6 pack that you have always wanted