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Concrete wall foundation Installation

Flint Concrete has more than 20 years of experience providing turnkey residential construction poured concrete services throughout twin cities, including excavation, foundation and waterproofing services

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Our poured concrete basements, poured walls and foundations are built to your exact specifications using the latest technology. As the most affordable option available, it does require more time for the setting, removal, insulating, and waterproofing of your foundation, but also allows for unique size or shape options.

What material is normally used for the footings of residential structures?

Footings for most residential structures are made from cast concrete.

How many types of foundation are there based on depth?

How many types of foundations are there based on depth? Explanation: The 2 types are shallow and deep foundations. Shallow foundation transfers the load to very near earth. Deep foundations are used for high rise buildings to bear heavy loads.



Which footing is used in load bearing masonry construction?

Strip footings are commonly found in loadbearing masonry construction, and act as a long strip that supports the weight of an entire wall. These are used where the building loads are carried by entire walls rather than isolated columns, such as in older buildings made of masonry.

Following are different types of foundations used in construction:

  • Shallow foundation. Individual footing or isolated footing. Combined footing. Strip foundation. Raft or mat foundation.
  • Deep Foundation. Pile foundation. Drilled Shafts or caissons.

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The cost of the project can differ depending on the type of foundation you install. The better educated you are about the types available to you and how to plan, the better you can work with Nova Concrete to create the best foundation for your structure at the best price.

Concrete Wall foundation Installation Count on us

Commonly installed as bases for porches, steps, or for various sizes of concrete slabs, pier footings assist in keeping your project stationary. Flint Concrete can install any size of pier footings in half the time as other companies while maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. Call Today! (855) 719-1222

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